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In the Classroom

Connect to book my 10 week series for your classroom. Providing Peace Tools to Schools supporting a generation of healthy, mindful beings.

At Home and Work

Learn Mindfulness in the comfort of a private session or a group session at your workplace.  Ease into your day with practical tools for mindful living.


Enjoy some of the Mindful Moments Practices such as Anchor Breath, Energy Dial, Name it Claim it and more.  The Mindful Moments curriculum has 29 fun practices for kids.

Mainstream         Mindfulness

Being Present Wherever You Are


Mindfulness is a present moment awareness without judgment.  Being in tune to our emotions, thoughts, feelings and environment allows us to anchor in the moment without attachment. Through simple techniques and a committed daily practice, you learn to focus and center as well as cultivate compassion and kindness. Subtle shifts will occur within that supports Mindful Living.  There is no goal, no destination, simply arising in awareness, being present in the NOW.  However, the side effects are powerful - decreased stress, greater calm, clear focus, lower blood pressure, and greater ease as you move about your day.


Mainstream Mindfulness offers practical tools for Positive Living.  Through 25 years  of practice, dedicated study as well as licensing, Veronica Valles, MCS, brings a heart centered way of living and being.  She is a peacemaker, dynamic teacher and speaker who loves direct services to classrooms as well as corporate clients.  She leads Mindfulness Programs at Elementary schools and supports individuals through private sessions around the country.

"I discovered Mindfulness practices 25 years ago and I have been engaging in the present moment ever since. Through the experience of a 10- year, debilitating, chronic illness, I brought forward Mindfulness tools daily that allowed me to safely journey through the unknown, with a roller coaster of fears and feelings, and eventually heal when I was told I never would. In the complexities of life, simple Mindfulness tools keep me present in the moment, tuned into my heart allowing wisdom to lead the way. "

Veronica Valles, MCS

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